handmade ceramics and glass from somerset
welcome to mimsical's studio...


A range of hand built decorative studio ceramics and stained glass by somerset based artist miriam mcmahon


My interest in clay started with an evening class 15 years ago, which captivated me. That magical transformation by fire, from raw, damp earth to something solid and permanent still fascinates me.

I work in stoneware and earthenware, using coiling, and hand building techniques to make colourful and decorative ceramics. I enjoy experimenting with ideas, and designs, everything from buttons to large  coiled pots – anything that can be interpreted in clay is fair game!

I’m inspired by many things: nature, art nouveau design, oriental painting and ceramics.  Early 16c persian ceramics (iznik ware)  are a particular inspiration. I love their combination of bright, joyous colours and elegant, organic designs - designs that appear at first to be the work of a moment, but are in fact the result of a very controlled and disciplined design process – this is what I aspire to.

I have recently started to work with stained glass, and enjoy exploring the challenges of interpreting my designs in a new material